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How to restore a lost PES 2021 Mobile account

 For those of you who are reading this article, surely you have or are experiencing the loss of your account PES belong to you when you remove, reinstall or clear the app data PES Mobile.

Indeed, the three things above are the 3 main causes of the loss of the account PES, because if you do the 3 things above account, PES Mobile, you will be crushed to a new account. Well how to deal with it is to save your account through the google play or a Konami ID. Continued how is it done? To transfer account data PES ? Check out the article until the end, because I will explain everything.

How to restore a lost PES 2021 mobile account

There are 3 ways that you can use to restore your account PES Mobile missing. Then if first way fails, you can use the second way or a third way. Here are 3 ways to restore your account PES Mobile stricken.

1. Use transfer data google account

How can the first time you do when you lose your account PES Mobile is to perform data transfer using google play. But to use this way your account to be connected or has already been saved in your google account , you should also have access to that google account.

If you have saved your account to the google account then you can still restore your account. Here is a Tutorial restore your account PES lost using a data transfer google account.

First of all please open the application of PES Mobile on your phone, don't get in, enough to start screen only.

If already please click a button or menu button three dots located at the bottom right-hand corner.

Well in that menu there are some options, please select the key data transfer, then transfer data using your google account linked.

Then will appear the choice of your google account, then select the google account that you used to save account PES. 

Wait until the process is finished, if it says the data transfer limit monthly which is left 9, then the data transfer process successfully.

Please check with the entry into the game, go to menu squad management to check whether the account that you return the same or not. If it is different you may save it in another google account.

2. Using data transfer Konami ID

The second way is to use the data transfer Konami ID. The same as data transfer using a google account, your account should be deposited into your account Konami ID in advance.

If you remember and are sure that you already save your account in your account Konami ID please continue the Tutorial. If you have not saved your account in your account Konami ID you can directly go to the third Tutorial.

To perform data transfer Konami ID of the steps are almost the same when you transfer data using a google account. Here is the Tutorial.

First of all open the app PES Mobile, until the start screen only. After that go to the navigation menu located in the bottom right corner.

If you already go to navigation menu please select the menu data transfer>transfer data using id Konami related.

Then you will be redirected to the browser, my advice, use google chrome browser because of more support.

If already signed in to the website please click on the button transfer the data that is colored red.

If the input email address or id Konami and password, if already please click login.

You will be redirected back to the application PES Mobile, wait for the loading has finished and if a warning appears the amount of transfer limit monthly data then the data transfer process using the Konami ID successfully.

Please check your account in the management team, whether it is appropriate or not.

3. Contact the Konami customer service  

If you have not saved your account with Konami ID, or google account, then the only way you can do is contact the customer service or the help of Konami.

For the Tutorial is quite complicated, because you must fill in the data of your account in detail. The more detail the data that you enter, the greater your account will be back. If you still confused to contact the team suport Konami you can see the Tutorial below.

First of all, please enter to the application of PES mobile, then open the page extras>FAQ> Questions > I can't recover my account through data transfer> tap I can not recover the account through the transfer of data again> and then press the accept button in the top right corner. You will be redirected to the browser to fill out the form.

Fill the form as detailed as possible, ranging from email, number of players, list all the name of the player that you remember, your purchase history, account ID, campaign level, when you create an account, etc.

If you think the data you input is correct and has been thoroughly please click the next button located in the top right corner.

Then will appear the data that you input the last, please check whether it is all right or not. If you think it is correct please press the submit button located in the top right corner.

If it says my message has been sent means you already send the data you input the last to Konami, wait 1 to 2 Weeks to get a reply from Konami. If successful you will get the login information is your account given by Konami.

Thus the article about how to restore your account PES Mobile missing, hopefully this article could be useful for you all. If there are any questions please specify in the comments field.

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