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How to install PES 2021 mobile on computers

PES 2021 or E Football PES 2021 mobile will be officially released in mid-October 2020. The information obtained by the official website Konami will update the release schedule in mid-October 2020.

For PES 2021 the PC version or the console is already on the release a few Weeks ago, just waiting for the schedule of the release of PES 2021 the mobile version. Well for those of you that will want to play the game PES 2021 mobile on your computer you can do it, you just need emulator and Tutorial to uninstall. 

After the update is certainly the game will be increased and must be balanced with the performance of your smartphone device, if your device is less than adequate to play PES 2021 mobile then your smartphone will feel heavy when playing. Therefore if you do not yet have sufficient funds to upgrade your smartphone can make the computer or PC to play this game. Because you can play the game PES 2021 mobile version on the computer or your laptop for free.

How to install PES 2021 mobile on your computer using Nox Player

Many who argue like this "is if there is already a computer why play PES mobile version, right there PES PC version". It is true there PES PC version or the console, but the item is paid alias is not free. Different PES mobile version that can be installed and played for free, in addition the flow of the game was a bit different. 

For you who want to try to play the game PES 2021 mobile You can view the full tutorial in this article, please read the tutorial until habisa so you really understand. Here is the Tutorial.

1. Install Nox Player

The first thing you should do is install the nox Player, you can download for free on the google or the official website of the Nox.

For a tutorial their installers is easy, here is the tutorial to install Nox player on a windows computer:

I assume you already have a computer and a file of Nox Player.

If you're ready please open the installation file of Nox player for free, then will appear the setup page of Nox.

On the page setup first please check the policy or privacy policy of his first and then press install.

Then will appear the installation pages, please wait until 100%. Don't forget to turn off the antivirus so that the installation process of Nox player does not stop at 99%.

If it is successful then you will go directly to the page of the start screen or the loading page before the entrance to the homepage Nox Player.

If already logged in to the homepage please open the play store and then sign in using your email, to get into the same email as your login to the email on android.

If it means the installation process of Nox player is already successful.

2. Move and install the application PES 2021 mobile on nox player and obb his

This is done if you do not have a quota is to download the PES 2021 mobile directly on the Nox player. You can transfer apps and data obb PES 2021 mobile from android to Nox player, but you have to move the data to the local storage of your computer first before transferring it to the storage of Nox player.

Note : if you do not want ribet you can download PES 2021 mobile directly from Play store in Nox Player.

If you're ready, let's proceed to the tutorial transfer of data, here is the tutorial:

First of all please activate the first root of the startup, it is very easy you just need to enter the general settings menu, and check the root menu.

If it please you minimize first Nox player for free, then move the obb file and app PES mobile her to the directory C:/Users/User/Public/Nox_Share/Other.

Then re-open the nox player for free, then sign in to the storage of nox. How to live click the computer icon on the sidebar to the right part of your computer screen, and then select open NoxPlyer Folder.

Then will appear the application file and data obb PES 2021 mobile, then install the first application of PES 2021 mobile then open. It aims to bring up a folder obb PES 2020.

If you already installed please go back to the folder or the folder the place the obb file and app are. Then select the obb file then tap the bookmarks button at the top/header.

Just select internal storage/Android/obb/com.jpkonami.pesam regency.

Then paste by pressing the menu point 8 in the header section, then select copy selection Files.

Then automatically the data obb that your bookmarks will be in the copy to folder obb such.

Next, open the app PES 2021 mobile and create new account or sign in using data transfer if you already have an account PES 2021 mobile.

And the last you customize your own controller of her, make it as comfortable as possible. However I recommend to use a joystick so you easier and comfortable to play.

Thus the article about how to install game PES 2021 mobile on your computer or laptop, hopefully this article could be useful for you all. If there are any questions please specify in the comments field.

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