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Free pes 2021 mobile account


Hello buddy tamatekno, in this article there is something special. Yes in this article I would like to share some free pes 2021 mobile accounts to tamatekno pals, because incidentally many of my accounts are stored in emails. There are 20s more accounts that I will share with all my friends, than not played because I want to focus on college and blogging.

The PES account I want to share is not a canned account that is sob, because my accounts are old accounts and there are many ICONIC and legend. In addition, the free PES account that I want to share also has abundant assets, especially GP and trainers. For coins undah I pake make iconic roll yesterday, wkwk.

Well for friends who want to get a free PES account, buddy can take it from some of the accounts below. Account-akunya I've created Konami ID all well, so no one uses Gmail or google play. And buddy must quickly secure me if buddy dapet, let's not be secured by others. The last one is who can be fast, the person who first read this article can be sure to get a free PES 2021 account.

Free pes 2021 mobile account pool

Well I will categorize the types of accounts well sob, so you can choose which account to take. But if the account of choice buddy has been taken by someone else buddy can choose another account, if buddy is not part of the buddy can wait for a free pes mobile account update from me on this blog later. Oh yes do not forget to follow this blog well sob because there will always be updates of free accounts, whether it's pes mobile account, PUBG mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legend, etc. Let's go straight to the list of free pes mobile accounts.

Legend PES 2021 account is free

The first free PES account is a PES account that has many legend players, I have collected a pes mobile account that has a lot of Legend, there are approximately 10 Legends per account. And here I have 4 free Legend accounts that friends can take for free.

Straight away well sob, if it can be directly secured because legend accounts are quite rare and certainly a lot of interest. Here are the data akunya, login via Konami ID yah sob not a google account.

Legend 1 Account

The first Legend account has 13 Legend blackballs, 8 blackball base players, 2 ICONIC players, and no carryover players. For coaches there are Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp. 

Data login Konami ID:

Email : Akunpes123@gmail.com

Password : pesku8899

Just brush the first account sob, do not get care. Because of the iconic Basten and Maradona.

Free PES account update February 2020 : Download Account List

Legend 2 Account

10 Legend, 38 blackball (carryover), 4 blackball base player, 1 ICONIC, 1 Legend gold ball. Coach : Conte, Deschamps.

Konami ID login details :

Email : akunpeske15@gmail.com

Password : pesakun8899

3rd Legend Account

9 blackball Legend, 20 blackball (carryover), 2 blackball, 1 ICONIC. Coaches : Mourinho, Shoutgate, Deschamps, Koeman.

Konami ID login details:

Email : akunpeske37@gmail.com

Password : pesgame8899

4th Legend Account

And lastly legend account to 4, there are 18 Legend, 65 blackball (carryover), 9 blackball base player, 3 ICONIC, 4 Legend goldball. Coaches are Pep Guardiola, Mourinho, Koeman, Deschamps and Lampard.

Konami ID login details :

Email : akunpeske5@gmail.com

Password : gamepes8899

Hurry up sob take this one, because this account is one of my main accounts in PES 2020, many legend twins are also sob so the total can be up to 25 Legend. Iconic there are Kahn, Deco, and Maradona.

ICONIC PES 2021 mobile account for free

Well after legend account is now iconicnya account sob, ICONIC account is certainly more gahar-gahar when compared to Legend account, because ICONIC account there are also many legendnya. Let's just brush off the FREE ICONIC accounts below.

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ICONIC account to 1

The first free ICONIC account has 9 ICONIC, 15 Legend blackball, 90 blackball(carryover), 2 blackball base player, 4 Legend goldball. Coaches there are Deschamps, and Pep Guardiola.

Konami ID login details:

Email: akunpeske7@gmail.com

Password : pesgame8899

The special thing about this account is that there are ICONIC Rummenigge and Van Basten, as well as other cool ICONICS.

ICONIC account to 2

12 ICONIC player, 20 Legend, 120 blackball (carryover), 5 blackball base player, 6 Legend goldball. Coach Pep Guardiola and Shoutgate.

Konami ID login details:

Email : akunpeske4@gmail.com

Password : pesgame9988

Iconic account to 3

And this is the last ICONIC account, this account is a special account because this account is my third main account. This account has 19 ICONIC players, 34 Legend blackball, 147 blackball (carryover), 12 blackball base players, and 7 Legend goldball. For coaches there are pep Guardiola, Mourinho, ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Lampard, Simeone and many more.

Konami ID login details

Email: akubpeske3@gmail.com

Password : akunutama3

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Those who managed to get this account were very lucky, as there were 1.2M GP and 2.1K Coins. The account also has a complete old ICONIC Barcelona, and iconic trio Munich.

Pes 2021 Mobile account update free 7 February 2021.

Alhamdulillah there is a free account update again, please for those who want to get akunya directly downloaded through the link below:

Pes mobile account free 1 : Download

Pes mobile account free 2 : Download

Actually there are still many accounts that I want to share, but while I categorize again because I have not checked everything. I will update it later in this article at a later time. For those of you who can not worry because I will often update free PES accounts in this article, so do not forget to follow by email through the form provided.

Thus the article about a collection of free pes mobile accounts, hopefully can be useful for all of you, if you have any questions please write in the comments field.

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