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How to get more coin PES 2021 mobile for free


E Football PES 2021 mobile free coin

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog en.tamatekno.com. On this occasion, I want to share a way to get e Football PES 2021 mobile coins for free.

Coins are the currency that functions to buy players in the PES 2021 mobile game. So coins are very important and you must have if you want to get the player you are looking for. But unfortunately to get coins in the PES mobile game is quite difficult, you have to buy them at the shop using money.

You don't need to worry, because in this article I will share a tutorial to get free coins on the PES 2021 mobile game. Please refer to this article until it runs out so you can understand it.

How to get free coins on PES 2021 mobile

There are several ways you can get free coins in the PES 2021 mobile game, and here are ways to get free coins on the PES 2021 mobile game that you can try.

1. Participate the E Football season program

E Football Season Program is a seasonal event held by Konami, you can participate in this event. As a prize you will get 1500 coins for free.

on pes 2021 mobile this event will be held in about three months, so get ready to select a team of your best and achieve the minimum points to get a prize.

on pes previous version or pes 2020, you must collect 40.000 points to get all the presents that contain free coins, special agent, and talent scouts the team for which you select.

ways to participate in this event is easy, you just need to login through the link available in the game, then sign in using the id konami of your account, then select the team you want to use, then play the event mode match using the team that you select.

Play Continues until the minimum threshold to receive a reward has been achieved, usually 40.000 points.

the prize will usually be awarded after the season ended, a season futures more or less 4 months, so you do not need to rush eyeing targets at the beginning of the season.

2. waiting for a gift of compensation from Konami

Konami will surely give you gifts at certain times, for example days of the world, the convening of football trophies as prestigious as the world cup, euro, Champions league, and others.

in addition to the events above, konami will also be giving a gift of compensation if there is a problem with the game pes 2021 mobile, for example server errors, bugs, you others.

for currently there is a campaign event login, where when you login you will get 100 free coins every day for 1 Week. so don't forget to login so that the coins free are not missed.

Konami has also provided compensation in the amount of 300 coins 1 day ago, it was done by Konami because it had happened maintenance prolonged.

and 1 again, for this time Konami held a campaign event linking data. so please link your account data pes your mobile to your google account or the account of the konami id. as an appreciation Konami will give you 50 coins for free for accounts that are already linked or stored through the data transfer.

3. Participate in the matchday event

Matchday events is a plus for the game pes 2020 mobile in the middle of the year 2020. the event at first this just give a gift in the form of talent scouts, GP, and special trainers. but konami added a new rewards ie my club' coin and special agent

in the event of matchday there are two types, namely the event using a team of specials and events using the team that you create yourself. the event that product the coin is that using your own team, so the team uses a special just produce talent scouts and coaches a special course.

And there are 3 levels which determine your gifts as you participate in this event, the level will follow the rating you have, if your rating is good then you get into the level 3's have a gift that a lot more, vice versa.

4. Get free money from the application producing the money and use it to top up coins pes mobile

a lot of applications peghasil money that you can play for free, it can be utilized to recharge the coins account oes your mobile.

one of the applications producing the Best Money is the bitcoin blast, each time you complete a level you will earn points that can be exchanged with crypto. crypto the you can drag it to a coinbase account belongs to you. there is no minimum withdrawal in this app, so you can pull the crypto when you already have the points. however the limit for subsequent withdrawal is 7 days, however it is very effective, because in 7 days you can collect the crypto as much as possible.

this app is made by bling company, there are some applications of artificial bling that you can play for free using 1 account.

below is a list of applications or games bling can play with 1 account:

Bitcoin blast

Bitcoin solitare

bitcoin food

bitcoin pop

bitcoin block

Thus the article on how to get coins pes 2021 mobile for free, hopefully this article can be useful for you all. if there are any questions please embed in the comments

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