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4 way to get a free domain in 2020

Gambar domain gratis

Hello everyone, in this article I want to share how to get a free domain that you can still get in the year 2020.

The Domain is the address of a site that shaped the letters, the domain has some extensions whether it's a TLD(top levels domains), gtlds, and cctlds. Examples of top level domains is the .com, .net, .org. The third extension is the 3 extensions of the most famous and most widely used, but because of the number of users the domain name you want may already be available, so you can use the gtld or cctld.

To get the domain you require a fee, the fee depending on the domain extension. Usually the cost of the domain can be paid per year. However there are some service providers that apply the cost of a domain monthly or monthly. And for those of you who do not have enough costs to buy or rent a domain name there are several ways that you can do to get a domain name for free.

How to get a domain for free 

Here I will share 4 ways to get a domain without having to pay or free for 1 to 3 years. This opportunity you can take advantage of if you really do not have the funds to buy a domain name. Just check out some how to get a free domain here.

1. Get a free domain name from exabytes.co.id

The first way that you can do to get a free domain name is through a web site hosting provider from Indonesia, that is exabytes.co.id. But unfortunately you can only get a domain name with the extension .my.id. However you can get the domain name for free for 3 years or can be used to get 3 domain names free for 1 year. Curious how to get it? Let's just check out the tutorial.

First of all please register to the client area exabytes.co.id, to how to register the same as the registration service other web hosting. Fill in all the required data, for optional data should not be filled.

If already registered as a member in the client area exabytes.co.id, please check the notifications section located on the header of the website. Then there will be a notification that shows that you have balance of IDR 50.000,-. The balance that you can use to buy domain or hosting at exabytes.

This can be utilized to buy a domain .my.id for 3 years for free, because a domain .my.id the price is very cheap. The price of the domain .my.id is IDR 15.000, so you can buy the domain .my.id for 3 years or 3 domain names for 1 year for free.

To make the purchase of your domain simply go to the menu domain, register new domain, then find the domain name you want. Make sure the domain name extension .my.id if you want to get it for free.

If you've found the perfect domain name the next step press the menu check out, then you will be redirected to the payment page. On the payment page please tick the option pay using your available balance.

And the last click on pay, wait a few minutes and your domain will be active.

To get a balance of IDR 50,000 exabytes.co.id you have to create a new account, so for the old account does not get such a balance.

2. Get a free domain name from Yahoo small bussines

The second way you can do it with register a domain name business on Yahoo small business. You can get a domain with the extension .com, .net, or .org for free.

You simply register your business on Yahoo small business, then claim a free domain name for your business domain. To tutorials get a free domain from Yahoo small business you can see it below.

Go to the website smallbussiness.yahoo.com

Then press the register button to register a business on Yahoo small business.

Then input the necessary data, fill the appropriate form available.if have click the list.

If it is then you will be redirected to the dashboard page, please search the menu clsim domain to get the domain for free his.

Yahoo only provides the domain for Free for one year only, for the next year you have to pay for the extension of the domain with the normal price. And the domain is not only used for business only, but you can use for blogging or other interests.

3. Get a free domain name of the site nic.eu.org

A third way to get a domain name for free is through the website nic.eu.org. on this website you can get a domain name with the extension .eu.org for free. Not even half-hearted, the domain will be active for life if not in a takedown by the provider. The reason the domain affected by takedown is the domain used for spam or that violate the policy.

And the good news domain with the extension .eu.org you can register to adsense, or can to be used as a moneysite. However quite risky if you use a free domain name such as this to be used as a moneysite or the main blog. Because often things happen that are not desirable.

To get the domain .eu.org you only need to register to the site nic.eu.org then set up DNS first. You can use a third-party DNS like cloudflare or hostri.

Well if you have already signed up to the site nic.eu.org and have signed up to a free DNS service, then register a domain name that you want to get.

For the Tutorial too long if I share in this article, if you want to see the full Tutorial you can see it in this article https://www.helmykediri.com/2019/12/cara-mendapatkan-domain-euorg-gratis.html?m=1

Domain you can connect to the blogger platform or wordpress self hosted. Just find the tutorial on google with the keywords "custom domain .eu.org".

4. Get a free domain name from freenom

And the last way to get a domain name for free is through freenom. Freenom is a service provider of free domain names since tens of years ago. The domain extension that is given for free is a domain with the extension .KINDERGARTEN, .pw, .gq, and .ml.

But unfortunately, the free domain name from freenom is often used for spam, so it is not able to sign up for adsense and are often exposed to the takedown of the provider if a blog with that domain name has already started.

However for you who want to learn create website online, you can use the name of the domain from freenom. Tutorial to get a free domain name from freenom you can search on google for Kate there have been many who share the Tutorial.

Thus the article on how to get a free domain, hopefully this article can be useful for you all. If there are any questions please put in the comments field.

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